NuShield Orthopaedics

NuShield is a bioresorbable protective sheet that can be utilized for the protection of tendons after repair. The bioresorbable membrane minimizes soft tissue attachment. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a natural scaffolding for cellular migration.


NuShield may be wrapped and/or sutured around the tendon to protect and support them from soft tissue which may alter them.

Amniotic Tissues are Unique

Studies suggest that tissues from the amnion are by nature anti-inflammatory, anti-adhesive, anti-scarring and anti-microbial. NuShield, through proprietary processing techniques provides surgeons and patients the ability to take advantage of these properties for orthopedic applications.


NuShield may be used as an on lay graft to protect tendons and nerves from surrounding soft tissues which may attach to them.



  • Patent-pending Purion Process
  • Processed following strict FDA and AATB guidelines
  • NuShield is a terminally sterilized graft


    NuShield is a terminally sterilized graft. Embossment allows for correct orientation.

Handling Characteristics:

  • Direct application to target tissue and hydrated in place
  • Can be cut to size while dry
  • Room temperature storage on the shelf
  • Can be sutured into place



NuShield is a bioresorbable sheet that can provide a barrier of protection for
tendons and nerves. NuShield can aid in the healing process.